Started in 2015, Blooming Ludus is a participatory theatre company that focuses on exploring our connection to the world we live in. Through community workshops, story gathering and devising, we create performances where the audience is invited to co-author, discover and ask questions! This work has so far taken the form of interactive installations, pop up games and responsive theatre pieces. Much of our work involves recycled or upcycled materials and we are currently exploring the use of digital and/or DIY tech to tell/share specific stories and toss preconceived patterns into the air. Co-Artistic directors Haeweon Yi and Francine Dulong (that's us!) share their unique and international view with local UK communities, bringing people together in their quest to find new possibilities for the global green initiative to rebalance humanity's place in our eco-system!


How do we do it?

As a new company, we are in a huge development phase of artistic practice, but our work process so far goes a little something like this:

1) We come up with an idea or a question - for example: What is sustainability?  Water and the city! How much space does it take to live?

2) We approach, or are invited/commissioned by a community. This means we plan bespoke workshops, arrange meetings with respective partners, join local gatherings, all with the goal of gathering a community's stories around the given question.

3) We go away and respond to the material. Depending on the specific partnership, this can involve just us in the studio, collaboration and/or check ins with community members, plus the additional associate artist or two.

4) We perform/present/share what we have come up with to the community and a wider audience!

5) Feedback, feedback, feedback! This takes place in a debrief with all parties involved, allocating homes for any artwork/materials/contributions made by participants. Our future goal is to compile this in digital artefacts.


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