Day 9 in Korea

 written by Francine Dulong

The start of today was one of those moments when things simply come together. Haeweon walked in with the link in her head, how to get everything we had discovered to date unified and represented through the adaptation of one traditional Pansori story Heungboga (흥보가).  We are still working out the details, but by placing the participant/audience in the role of the main character, Heungbo, we hope to make them more comfortable engaging with the show. The story as a frame will be familiar and by taking on the other characters, we can guide the audience through some of the participatory scenes and games we have discovered in rehearsal. Tomorrow will be about fitting the Pansori with the play elements.

We finished our visualization exercise around “when a house becomes a home” and Songhee came up with a beautiful line to describe the process: we start with the person in a space and then the person becomes the space. By making still images of the transition from leaving a house, moving into a new one, and the moment or gradual momentum of a house becoming a home, we found that it's a gathering action. Whether a house becomes a home in one clear moment that we repeat out of habit, or a gradual collection of moments to an intangible point, it is clear that we connect to a space through the actions we take within it, and vice versa.

In the afternoon, we visited with a great Korean architect, Yunju Hong of Studio AAMU. She is the artist behind Jinza Space magazine (English version available). Jinza in Korean means ‘real’ - Ms. Hong shows real spaces lived in by real people, not fabricated, over luxurious images that we are bombarded with in popular media that most people do not live in. We reached out to her because she also did an architecture/dance hybrid project entitled Show me your room, Bang Dance where she invited 9 participants to work with a choreographer to create a dance that represented their living spaces. The project was stunning in its scope and thought. We spent two hours talking to this inspirational woman - her office is located in a shared artist studio made of shipping containers, complete with garden, coffee making, a library, a wood working studio and a shop for small artisan businesses. She echoed some of the concepts from our conversation at Junglim Foundation, specifically the need for a balance of personal and public space but how the city doesn’t guarantee that now thanks to gentrification. In what seemed a moment of serendipity, Ms. Hong validated our findings of the day “Space seems still but it changes depending on our actions and objects become imbued with our personal history” (Haeweon’s translation to me).  

I am eternally grateful and a bit at a loss for words at my interactions with these people I never would have met if it wasn’t for forming Blooming Ludus…..stay tuned….

PS- my phone keeps crashing when I attempt to upload photos (poor iphone 4S is growing tired after its 4th birthday)  so please check out our facebook/twitter for some action shots! My tablet is also on the fritz so please excuse if the font size is not matching up! Technology has not been my friend these past few days, my electromagnetic charge must be off :p