How Much Space Do We Need for Living? 2018 in Seoul

Blooming Ludus is coming back to Seoul again with #HowMuchSpace2018.

We present a series of intergenerational workshop with Taroo(타루) this week to explore the value of housing in urban environments and make connections between generations around the theme of sustainable living space. These workshops are supported by ArtUp Seoul and British Council Korea.

*All workshops are run in Korean. If you need any language support, please contact us(

To find out more and apply:


After Power Story and a journey to Creekside!

1. Power Story was premiered at the Roundhouse

Power Story (2016 - Photography by  Upstart Photography )

Power Story (2016 - Photography by Upstart Photography)

Blooming Ludus completed the premier of Power Story(2016) at the Roundhouse on 12 June. We got amazing feedback from our audience and our play testers from this first version that will help us take the piece to the next stage. Special shout out to Olivia Lantz who came on as our third performer/tech in the nick of time!

A Q&A section after the performance was on LIVE via Periscope and Live Video at Blooming Ludus Facebook page. You can still watch them and comment them on Periscope, Facebook Page or here.

Huge thanks to We Are Now Festival team, the Roundhouse and our animator Dave Burnett for the greatly annoying and informative character of Schmammee. If you are interested in collaborating in the continued development of Power Story (venues, residencies, makers of all kinds!) or want to know about upcoming presentations of the piece please get in touch! More information about Power Story can be found on our Project page.


2. Do Rivers Have Mouths? - a new intergenerational project with Tidemill Academy and 3rdthought

A trip to Creekside 15 June (2016)

A trip to Creekside 15 June (2016)

This June, Blooming Ludus is working on an intergenerational project Do Rivers Have Mouths? produced by Kate Mail. Over four weeks in Deptford, we will be exploring creekside with students of Tidemill Academy and members of the theatre company 3rdthought. The project culminates in a promenade playground based on and performed with the intergenerational ensemble's experience.

Do Rivers Have Mouths? is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

Do Rivers Have Mouths? will be performed at the Creekside Discovery Centre (14 Creekside, London SE8 4SA) on next Wednesday 29th June from 3pm. If you need more information please contact Kate (


3. Blooming Ludus now on Facebook!

Blooming Ludus created a Facebook Page:

Now you can hear the most recent news from Blooming Ludus on our webpage, Twitter(@BloomingLudus), and Facebook! Stay tuned to our Vimeo page and Periscope which will bring more LIVE events this summer!