Summer news from Blooming Ludus

1. that was Brighton Fringe

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Blooming Ludus completed our performances of Power Story at this year's Brighton Fringe (13-14, 27-29 May 2017). Thanks for all who came and supported Power Story including O2 Think Big. The Mayor and The Fox will keep continuing conversations around the energy for their little town Bloomington.

You can read our ★★★ reviews from Fringe Guru ( and Broadway Baby ( 

"as a participatory event it's creative and inclusive, and – most of all – fun"  - Fringe Guru


2. Blooming Ludus at an academic symposium

Blooming Ludus joined the academic symposium "Asian Performing Arts: Collaboration and Exchange" at Royal Holloway on the 30th May. This symposium on Asian music, theatre and dance addressed the state of play incollaborative performance making in contemporary Asia and the participation of Asian artists in global performance projects and exchanges. Haeweon and Francine presented a lecture-demonstration: "Building, Un-building, Connecting Cities: Critical Reflection on Collaboration with Korean Pansori Artists for the ‘How Much Space Do We Need for Living?’ Project". We talked about our experience collaborating with Taroo for 'How Much Space Do We Need for Living?' and played ttangttameokgi(땅따먹기) with participants as a part of demonstration of our showcase performance in Korea.


3. Salt & Vinegar is coming back this summer in LONDON!

Our rocking Atlantic Cod duo Salt & Vinegar is bringing their splashing stage to London this summer as a part of Late Bloom Festival. Get ready for some musical waves and fishy comedy! Further details will be announced soon. Keep swimming till we meet again in August!

Power Story awarded O2 Think Big Funding!

Great news!! Power Story awarded O2 Think Big Funding!

Power Story has been awarded a £500 cash grant by O2 Think Big to support tackling the energy issues in the UK with performing arts and digital technologies. The award package also includes a generous programme of training, support and mentoring from O2 people. The O2 Think Big award will allow us to develop the performance with new ideas and more recent information, visit communities in different areas for research, and support us traveling for Brighton Fringe Festival.

Think Big aims to inspire, support and enable young people (13-25 year olds) with great ideas; so they can have an impact on society while getting the hands on experience and skills they need to thrive in today’s digital world. 

To find out more about Think Big, or to apply for funding to run a community project, log onto

Stories from Kirby Misperton Protection Camp

This weekend, Blooming Ludus visited Kirby Misperton Protection Camp in Ryedale. 
People have been camping near the village of Kirby Misperton since December to show their opposition to fracking. Fracking is an intensive, industrial process for extracting methane gas from shale rock that lies hundreds of metres underground. The process requires a large number of drilling sites – up to 8 per square mile – and this could mean thousands of well sites in a large area. The procedure is to drill down to the shale rock at a depth of about 3,000 metres and then to drill horizontally. Water, sand and toxic chemicals are then pumped down the well under very high pressure to fracture the shale and release the gas trapped inside. (

It's been a very special weekend with the inspiring community of the camp sharing us stories, art, and the human dimension of fracking. We are grateful to all the people we met in Kirby Misperton. We are bringing back our amazing experiences and stories from the camp to Power Story in May. Please come, explore and share your thoughts on fracking and other energies powering the UK.

You can get more information about Kirby Misperton Protection Camp here:

Photograph by Haeweon Yi (Blooming Ludus)

Photograph by Haeweon Yi (Blooming Ludus)