Day 11 and 12 - The Race and the Resonance

written by Francine Dulong

The last few days before the show are upon us and we race. The most prominent phrase that comes to my mind is common language - how Haeweon and I are still building the common language of Blooming Ludus’s practice, how building a common language with another company is a challenge but then to add the gap of a different language is another step. I am so impressed and honoured by Taroo’s willingness to try new things and adapt their traditional forms. I do feel like we have found the beginnings of resonance between texts/narration and game structures. ‘Balancing the choices and invitations of interaction is really hard in participatory theatre’ (Haeweon translating Jongim’s words) - I completely agree with him, and given more time, we could play with those nuances. Yet despite the pressures of time and the inevitable stress of bridging language gaps,  we all feel that we are moving towards a common goal and asking the same questions:  are participant choices too limited or too free? why do we have certain actions in certain places and how do they make the audience feel in relation to the questions we want them to ask? how much information does the audience need, when do they need it and how is it delivered?

Whether drumming and improving lyrics, laughing at my haphazard mispronounced Korean or spray painting boxes in a loading dock, we move forward step by step….tomorrow we dress rehearse and move into the venue!

stay tuned!