How Much Space Do We Need for Living? 2018 in Seoul

Blooming Ludus is coming back to Seoul again with #HowMuchSpace2018.

We present a series of intergenerational workshop with Taroo(타루) this week to explore the value of housing in urban environments and make connections between generations around the theme of sustainable living space. These workshops are supported by ArtUp Seoul and British Council Korea.

*All workshops are run in Korean. If you need any language support, please contact us(

To find out more and apply:


Salt & Vinegar is coming back!

We are very happy to announce that Salt & Vinegar (Yes! that fishy fun musical duo!) is coming back. This time they are in... LONDON!

After they had a great first "Christmas" in Folkestone, these daring two fish never stopped their rocking journey across the ocean. Again, it wasn't easy! The journey made them very hungry and with barracuda's advice, they reached this mysterious island called "Play-stick Island" which was... not quite like what they imagined. Could you, 'two-legged dried creatures', help them continue their journey of music and life?

Photo by David Shackle

Photo by David Shackle

Find them at Late Bloom Arts Festival

Salt & Vinegar DIY Summer Extravaganza


Thursday 10 Aug 8.30pm / Saturday 12 Aug 2pm

Roof Garden, Crossrail Place, North Dock, Canary Wharf, London, E14 5AR

*This is a family-friendly musical comedy show about ocean and life. And! It's FREE! Come join Salt & Vinegar singing and playing.