How Much Space Do We Need for Living? 

- 여기 살아요 프로젝트 (since 2016)

A fresh new experience
— a participant from the showcase performance
Insightful but still humorous
— a participant from the showcase performance

How Much Space Do We Need for Living? is about sustainable community, gentrification, and urban development in London and Seoul, and how they impact our connection to one another and to the urban environment. This is a collaborating project with Korean Pansori Company 타루(Taroo)

Through the three-week residency in Seoul, Blooming Ludus and Taroo researched and developed this theme of sustainable living spaces and combination of two genres-Pansori and participatory theatre. We presented a showcase performance at the J-Bug in the Ttukseom Hangang Park. It was a partcipatory theatre piece with the music of Pansori based on the story of Heungboga(흥보가). Using some of Korean childhood games and traditional dance, participants and performers built houses together and witnessed them demolishing by gentrification. 

This project is supported using public funding by Arts Council England. The project is still on the research & development process and we are expecting to greet Taroo in London soon. 

Creative Team

  • Created and Presented by Blooming Ludus and Taroo
  • (Bora Song, Francine Dulong, Haeweon Yi, Jongim Jung, Kyunghwa Jung, Songhee Han)
  • Collaborating Artist Jonghwan Myung
  • Graphic Design by Heeweon Yi
  • Photography by IRO Photography
  • Videography by Kyung Jo Min


Copyright ⓒ 2016 by IRO Photography

This project was the first international project by Blooming Ludus. We are aiming to continue research and development of this project with Taroo and reaching out to communities in London and Canada. Please contact us if you are interested in participation or collaboration within this project.