Salt & Vinegar Christmas DIY Concert (2016)

Blooming Ludus is back in the Folkestone Living Advent Calendar with so-called "The best Atlantic cod rock duo in the world" behind the Door 11. Salt & Vinegar who never knew about Christmas (of course, because they are fish!) learn what Christmas is and how to celebrate it from humans. It's a musical comedy for everybody with rock and roll soul and Christmas cheer. 

Sing-along with Salt & Vinegar!


"Let It Flow! Let It Flow! Let It Flow!"

Oh, the ocean outside is frightful
But the humans are so delightful
It’s Christmas we didn’t know

Let it flow, let it flow, let it flow

There are lots of gifts for wrapping
And I brought some treats for snacking
Christmas now we love you so

Let it flow, let it flow, let it flow

When we finally sail away
How I'll hate going out in the storm
But think about you everyday
All the way home we'll be warm

Thank you for all your sharing
And, thanks for all your caring
But back to the sea, we’ve got to go
Let it flow, let it flow, let it flow


Salt & Vinegar is Atlantic cod. They are very aware of their species' sustainability. In 2015, Marine Conservation Society announced that North Sea cod is finally out of the red which shows signs of improvement in its sustainability level. The iconic European cod fishery which collapsed in the 1980s and has been ailing ever since, has finally increased above dangerously low levels and hauled itself off the MCS Fish to Avoid list. According to the 2016 article from The Telegraph, recovery from overfishing could result in cod stock being certified by the MSC by 2017, under plans backed by major retailers and seafood processors. However, nine other cod stocks are still in risk. Greenpeace have identified Atlantic cod (except cod from Marks & Spencer and Waitrose, and line-caught Icelandic) as a species under particular pressure and asking supermarkets to stop selling it.

Blooming Ludus suggest consumers to ask where exactly their cod is from and seafood businesses to examine their supply chains to ensure that they are not selling red rated cod. Check out Marine Conservation Society ( to find out more about your fish. Please help Salt & Vinegar to keep singing!