Salt & Vinegar DIY Summer Extravaganza (2017)

10th and 12th August 2017, Roof Garden, Crossrail Place, Late Bloom Arts Festival


Salt & Vinegar, the fishy fun musical duo is back! They visited London this time to share their journey to "Play-stick Island", which was not quite what they expected. What is "Play-stick"? Are they edible? Why are they in the ocean? With their new original music, Salt & Vinegar learn how harmful plastic is to the ocean environment and encourage their 'two-legged dry' audience to keep the ocean plastic-free. This is a family-friendly musical comedy about ocean and life.


Blooming Ludus believes that the health of our oceans is essential to the health of humans and the planet. This project is inspired by: the collapse of fisheries and seaside towns across the globe (particularly the Atlantic Cod crash of the 90's in Canada), the plastic island located in the Pacific Ocean, Mission Blue by Dr. Sylvia Earle, and the complex challenges faced by marine life.


♬ Plastic Plastic


Not so Fantastic


It doesn't disappear

just like magic

Click here to find out more about Salt & Vinegar's new journey through "Play-stick" Island and what we can do.